Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm not ready to give up...

...on CF Felix Pie yet, but if the Chicago Cubs really want to win this year, they should be ready to move him to AAA Iowa on Thursday when LF Alfonso Soriano comes off the DL. Pie has been struggling to find his stroke and with him batting a mere .225, I think it's just time to put OF Reed Johnson out there everyday in center and just let Pie get his at-bats in Iowa. He needs to play everyday and with Johnson having a bit of a hot hand right now, putting him on the bench instead of Pie would quickly halt any momentum the Cubs had made since Soriano went on the DL. Of course, leaving Johnson in the leadoff spot would be a better option than returning Soriano there, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon either. We'll see what happens tomorrow when Soriano gets activated before the game against Milwaukee.

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