Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cubs Sign Edmonds, Pie Heading to Iowa?

Well, it looks like the Chicago Cubs are about to sign CF Jim Edmonds to a prorated minimum contract on Thursday, basically giving him the Cubs CF job, probably on a platoon basis with Reed Johnson playing mostly versus lefties. It seems that the Cubs aren't satisfied with Felix Pie's progress in CF and feel that bringing in a "proven" veteran in Edmonds is going to help them make a run at the playoffs and a World Series. Edmonds is a proven veteran, except that was before 2008. Now, he's showing the wear and tear of the past 10 years and started off the year hitting below .200 and looks to have lost a step in CF which prompted the Padres to release him. But, the Cubs believe that he will perform better than Pie in CF for this team, once he starts getting playing time. But if the Cubs are looking for someone to play CF that bats left-handed and isn't named Pie, why not Kenny Lofton? He brings speed to the table, can still play a better CF than Edmonds and probably would be as cheap. Did GM Jim Hendry make a call to his agent and his agent told him what the Cubs were willing to pay him wasn't enough?

And what's to become of Felix now? He's being sent to AAA to "learn to hit better" as I heard someone on the radio say, but what does that mean? To improve his strike zone judgement? I don't think he ever will. He's been in organized ball for the Cubs for almost 6 years now and his strike zone judgement hasn't improved yet, why would anyone think it would now? He hits well in AAA and he must still have some trade-value. Wouldn't it just be smart right now for the Cubs to package him and a few other prospects for a top flight starter while other scouts might still be enamored with him and think he will make an outstanding ball player? Are the Cubs just afraid to move Felix because they don't want the trade to comeback and haunt them? At this point, he's showing himself to be a AAAA player. Too good for AAA, not enough for the majors. Would a package of Felix, Sean Marshall, Sean Gallagher and Tyler Colvin entice a team to part with a solid #1 starter to be out #2 behind Carlos Zambrano?

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