Friday, June 20, 2008

Chicago, Choose Your Side

Today marks the beginning of the annual Chicago Cubs-White Sox interleague series. The most baseball fans, they understand that all this series really is just a combination of 6 wins/losses to your record when the end of the season rolls around. But some casual fans might base the outcome of this series as to whether the season is a success or not for their team.

But it really isn't. Sure, if you work with a lot of White Sox fans, as a Cubs fan, you can needle them at work about beating them this season, but if you don't win everything, does it really make a difference? Especially if the other team ends up having a better season? Same can be said for White Sox fans. Beating the Cubs would be great, but if the Cubs finally end their 100-year drought, does it really matter? Well, I guess since I still hear Sox fans chirping about 2005, I'm guessing they still would make a big deal about it. Being a fan of a second class team in this city must suck.

But back to this weekend series, I would expect the Cubs to take the series 2-1 in Wrigley this weekend and next at U.S. Cellular to win the season series 4-2. I just don't think the White Sox offense can keep up with the Cubs. We'll see.

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