Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cubs Win 5th In A Row At Wrigley North

And this time, it wasn't against the Milwaukee Brewers.

After Hurricane Ike displaced the Astros from their home in Houston, the next best place for them to make money at a neutral site was Miller Park in Milwaukee. But as any Cubs fan, or really any baseball fan knows, Milwaukee is far from a neutral site as 23,000 people showed up last night to watch Carlos Zambrano throw the first no-hitter in 36 years while deflating the Astros who came into the game winning 14 of their last 15 and halting the momentum they were using to get back into the wildcard lead.

At this point, its a forgone conclusion that the Cubs will be in the playoffs, the only questions that really remain is whether the Cubs will be able to go into the playoffs with a healthy pitching staff and who are they going to play in the first round.

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