Friday, September 26, 2008

White Sox Have Their Backs Against A Wall

After being swept out of Minnesota by the Twins again this season, the Chicago White Sox enter tonight's game against the Cleveland Indians in trouble and not controlling their own destiny. Since July 27th, the White Sox had been at least 2.5 games in front of the always pesky Twins. But now, facing their toughest challenge of the season, they find themselves a half game back.

The hardest part for this weekends series against the Cleveland Indians is that the White Sox truly do not control their destiny. If the White Sox want to make it to the playoffs without playing an extra game on Monday, they have to sweep the Indians and have the Twins lose 2 games at home this weekend, to the Kansas City Royals, on of the worst teams in the AL Central. If the White Sox sweep, and the Twins win 2 of 3, then the White Sox would have to play an extra game on Monday against the Detroit Tigers to make up a game from 2 weeks ago. And the White Sox must win that game against the Tigers, or they will be forced to play another game on Tuesday, at US Cellular Field against the Twins. If the White Sox and Twins both win 2 of 3 this weekend, the White Sox again will have to play Detroit at home on Monday and must win the game to force the game on Tuesday against the Twins. Any scenario you look at, the White Sox must win at least the same number of games as the Twins do, in order to force an extra game on Monday and potentially Tuesday. Its not looking very good for the White Sox.

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