Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cubs Moving DeRosa to Indians?

According to Bruce Levine of ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago, the Cubs are working on a trade with the Cleveland Indians that would have the Cubs sending Mark DeRosa to the Indians for 2 pitching prospects. With the signing of Aaron Miles early today to a 2-year deal, setting up a platoon with Mike Fontenot at 2B, the Cubs have suddenly deemed DeRosa expendable and are looking to acquire to pitching prospects from the Indians for the one year that is left on DeRosa's deal. Not sure what some people think, but this is obviously a chance for the Cubs to get back in on Jake Peavy.

The San Diego Padres wanted you, cheap pitching in return for Peavy, something the Cubs didn't really have a lot of to offer. And with the Cubs in win now mode, sending DeRosa for 2 pitching prospects before the season is half over is a clear indication that they believe that Peavy will help them get over the top. Of course, they need to still get a RF and with them closing in on Milton Bradley, it looks like they finally might be able to pull the trigger and get Peavy.

There is no doubt that DeRosa's bat will be missed as he was clearly one of the best, if not the best hitter from the 2008 season. But everything that DeRosa did was a career high and it would be hard to imagine that he would be able to duplicate it or do better than those numbers in 2009. And with his pending free agency after the 2009 season, a move now helps the Cubs get something for him now, then lose him altogether for nothing in a year.

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