Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Deja Vu For Cubs Fans?

After all the teasing done by the Chicago Cubs last offseason with Brian Roberts, you can't help but wonder if all this talk of Jake Peavy showing up in Cubbie blue is just mental masturbation. Afterall, it's the Cubs were talking about. The loveable losers, who haven't won a championship since the early 1900's. But with numerous reports that a deal is close, one has to wonder if they will finally land the big fish they've been after and at what cost?

Late Monday night there were reports that said that the deal was close and that even San Diego Padres GM Kevin Towers said the framework for a deal was done. I mean, if the other GM is going to take the time to make the deal for you, how can you pass up something like that. And with the rumored names being thrown about for the Cubs, is there anyone on the list that might make you double take before making this deal?

  • Sean Marshall: Decent to good lefty reliever who has been serviceable when called upon to start. 5th starter at best.
  • Felix Pie: A wholly talented CF who can't hit once he makes it to the majors and strikes out too much. Corey Patterson Jr and we waited too long on him to get anything for him.
  • Kevin Hart: Unknown so far. Has shown flashes when up in the pen, but unsure if he has the stuff to be a starter. MR at best right now.
  • Tyler Colvin: 5-tool hitting prospect that has had Tommy John surgery. Not as bad of a surgery for a hitter as pitcher, still you can't guarantee he will be 100% when he returns. Hasn't been able to judge the strikezone yet in the minors.
  • Josh Vitters: A young 3B prospect with tons of upside. 43rd best prospect in baseball according to Baseball America, but was slowed by a wrist injury during the 2008 season. Is at least 3 years away and probably not viable with this team's Championship window. Still you have to give up something, to get something.
  • Mark DeRosa: One of the main cogs of the 2008 offensive machine. A versatile player who can play 2B, 3B, LF, RF and be the emergency catcher if needed. A tough bat to lose, but with Mike Fontenot coming on and the Cubs desperate for a lefty hitting RF, possibly a man without a position.
  • Jason Marquis: An overpaid, serviceable starter. Not someone who you would even think about putting your confidence in if you needed one man to win you a game. Someone who is tough to trade because the Cubs owe him almost $10 million for 2009.
With the exception of Vitters and DeRosa, there really isn't much to really fret over the players the Cubs might have to give up. I would love to keep Vitters, but again, in order to get something, you have to give up something and that something is him. DeRosa would also be hard to replace, but with his deal up at the end of 2009, and him playing himself into a big contract, it doesn't hurt for the Cubs to do something with him now than risk losing him for nothing.

But with the Cubs, nothing is certain. You can hope that Hendry would pull the deal even before they can get the OF they covet, but if DeRosa is a part of the deal, then maybe that's why Hendry is waiting to pull the trigger. Just don't wait too long Jim.

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