Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Turning Back the Clock to 2005

After placing OF Dewayne Wise on the DL for the next couple of months with a seperated shoulder, the Chicago White Sox turn to a familiar face to maybe play CF soon, signing former OF Scott Podsednik to a minor league contract. Podsednik, 33, has been sitting around waiting for a job after not making the Colorado Rockies OF this spring and hoping for some idiot GM to give him a call. Kenny Williams is that idiot. You're picking up an OF who couldn't make the Rockies and you think he'd be a good move for your team? What's next, calling up Carl Everett and seeing what he's doing? Signing Sandy Alomar to back up AJ? There's a reason why Podsednik couldn't make the Rockies. You're signing a player with a career OPS of .711, a career OBP of .337, which isabout 60 points higher than his career batting average. His last full season as a starter, his line was 261/330/353. There isn't very many players who's slg percentage is barely above his on-base percentage. On the bright side, at least he's still married to a former playmate, so hopefully she'll show up at the ballpark during gamedays.

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