Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiger Woods Actually Golfs This Weekend

At 1:42 PM ET on Thursday, the golf world gets to stop wondering just what kind of golf game Tiger Woods will have when he starts playing again and will be able to find out by watching. That's the time that Tiger is due to tee off with his playing partners. I wish I could say that will be the end of the Tiger talk, but it won't be.

This weekend will be the start of a new topic of discussion for Tiger. If he fails to win the Masters in Augusta, Georgia, or even do well, the topic will change to 'Is Tiger Woods too distracted to win?'

To me, I don't care what Tiger did off the golf course. It was wrong for him to cheat on his wife and have all those infidelities. Tiger is not my friend however, nor most of the people of this world. What happens off the golf course is really not any of our concern, just like what Jesse James does for kicks isn't either. Tiger Woods shouldn't be a role model, that's not an athlete's job. The role models for the youth of the world should be teachers, doctors, firefighters and their parents. People who go out everyday and actually try to affect the lives of the young people.

I for one hope that Tiger wins the tournament. Not because I'm a Tiger fan. I hope he wins because I want the stories to start being about golf and nothing else.

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