Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Big Fish?

Ok Kenny Williams. I'm not a Chicago White Sox fan. But, unlike most Sox fans, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt after the P Jon Garland and SS Orland Cabrera trade. I like the trade as it is, though I'm sure in the minority. But it's been a few weeks already and you promised a "Big Fish" in the future. Well, that fish is no longer CF Aaron Rowand, as he's signed with the San Francisco Giants for 5 years and $60 million. So Kenny, if it's not Aaron, who is it? CF Juan Pierre from the Los Angeles Dodgers? What are you going to give up for him? 3B Joe Crede? I think you shot yourself in the foot by saying that the money you were saving on Garland would be used to land someone else. There isn't much out there left to land.

And it looks like the Chicago Cubs will not offer arbitation to P Mark Prior. I can't begin to tell you how frustrated this makes me, especially when were paying someone like P Jason Marquis an average $7 million a year and P Wade Miller stole money from the Cubs for a couple of years too. Speaking of Marquis, talk of New York is that the Mets are interested in him. Jim Hendry, make the deal as fast as possible. I'll help Jason pack.

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