Saturday, August 1, 2009

Peavy Finally Heads to Chicago...

But it's not for the Chicago Cubs. GM Kenny Williams flew under the radar again and traded for Jake Peavy, formerly of the San Diego Padres, again, but this time, Peavy didn't say no and agreed to a deal that sends him to the Southside of Chicago to pitch for the White Sox, eventually.

The White Sox gave up quite a bit in the deal, including their top pitching prospect Aaron Poreda, current 5th starter Clayton Richard and 2 more pitching prospects, Adam Russell and Dexter Carter. This was the same deal that Williams originally offered the Padres in May.

Picking up a former Cy Young award winner at the deadline is a coup reserved for the teams with the best farm system. And the hual that the White Sox gave up was a good one. But there's a few slight problems.

Peavy is owed $52 million over 3 years, which will severely limit the money that the White Sox will have in each offseason. The White Sox have quite a few contracts that expire at the end of this season, but with them moving two of their young starters, it'll make it that much harder to replace them without dabbling in the FA market.

But more concerning for the White Sox is whether you view this as a win now trade for the White Sox. Peavy has been on the DL since the middle of June with a tendon problem in his right ankle. The earliest he's be back in very late august or early September. Will the White Sox still be in the race at that point? And what's the guarantee that the Peavy you get is the Peavy that won the Cy Young in 2007?

In Peavy, you get a pitcher that is dominant when he's on, but doesn't finish a lot of ballgames, completing only 7 in his major league career. And achilles heal of the 2009 White Sox as of late, has been their bullpen. Getting a 6 or 7 inning pitcher isn't going to help as much as one would hope.

But the trade makes you wonder just what exactly would it have cost the White Sox to get a different Cy Young award winner, Roy Halladay from the Toronto Blue Jays. Besides Poreda and Richard, how much more would the White Sox need to give up? Gavin Floyd or John Danks? Would that have been a better price for a pitcher that would pitch in August and who's deal ends in 2010?

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