Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Honeymoon Over at Halas Hall?

On a day where the Minnesota Vikings take center stage with an end to the Brett Favre saga, the Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler made some noise over the weekend that hurt Devin Hester's feelings. It was the truth, but I guess it riled some people up. And what upset Hester is exactly what I tweeted while watching the game on Saturday night. In case you don't click the link, here's what I said:

"Hmm, Cutler looked like Grossman throwing off his back foot a bit there. Of course, doesn't help that Hester doesn't fight for the ball."

Which was true. Cutler shouldn't have tossed the ball up there like that, but Hester didn't bother trying to break it up. So, here's what Cutler said:

Devin is more of a go-get-it guy; he is not really a back shoulder or jump-up-and-get-it (guy),'' Cutler said Saturday."

So, what he's trying to say is this: Hester will outrun someone to the ball if you throw it far enough, but won't go up for a jump ball. Which is precisely what's wrong with him as a Wide Receiver. Hester has amazing speed. He can outrun anyone to the ball in the NFL and make a catch in stride. But sitting at 5'11", he's not going to out jump people for footballs and won't help QB's by breaking up passes. Bears fans have been saying this since the decision to give him more playing time at wideout then returner. But instead of being a 3rd WR or 4th, the Bears are paying him and playing him as a #1, which is the biggest mistake. The man was a standout return man and while their shelf life in the NFL might not be a long one, there is a long list of return men who were called in to try another position instead of the spot that made them the threat. And Hester is ruined now because of that.

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