Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Cutler Era Looks Like the Grossman Era

With supposedly the first "real" quarterback since Sid Luckman, the Chicago Bears looked like they had 'Sexy' Rex Grossman throwing in the pocket instead of the 'franchise' Jay Cutler. But he wasn't in the pocket for long when he was back there with the Green Bay Packers consistently getting pressure on Cutler through most of the 1st half. And it really was a tale of two halves. Cutler threw 3 picks in the first half and one in the second. In the second half, Cutler had time to throw the football, something he couldn't get in the first. But the blame doesn't all lie in the hands of Cutler.

All offseason, pundits, fans and just about anyone with a pulse and an understanding of football knew that Cutler was throwing to Greg Olsen (who also played poorly), Desmond Clark (who had a nice catch, a terrible blown route in the endzone) and a bunch of nothing. Countless times receivers were not where they were supposed to be, ran the wrong route or just gave up on the route. Cutler also made some mistakes, throwing across his body to the middle of the field, not throwing the football away when nothing was there and not trying to find Matt Forte out of the backfield. He lead the team in catches last season and doesn't have a catch this game. All in all, a poor performance. And why is Nate Vasher still on this team?

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Anonymous said...

Cutler will improve, but I agree. He needs atleast 1 receiver! Our core, well a duck is a duck no matter what right? Were's Tom Waddle at again??